Cupcake Decorating

When I fount out that Michael’s Arts and Crafts store had free classes, I thought to myself what have I been doing with my life. They only have the free classes once a month but I have no clue why I never looked into it. So I decided to go to the free Spring Cupcake Decorating class.

On the website is a list of the classes and it will also have a list of the items you will need to bring to do the class.

It doesn’t say that you need to bring your own cupcakes, which, in my opinion, they should lol. I honestly had to ask the sales associate before I showed up with nothing to decorate at all.

So I chose to make cake mix cupcakes.

I chose pretty pastel cupcake liners.

Baked as directed.

And vou la.

The list included: Wilton ready to use icing, Wilton borders piping set, Wilton reusable piping bags, Wilton food coloring, and a 9″ angled spatula. It said additional supplies, which would be like your cuocakes and your bowls and spoons/spatula to mix your food coloring with.

There are the 3 that we used.

These are the kind of designs they make, we did practice runs to get a feel of the amount of pressure to put on the different piping techniques. The star tip swirls (blue) were my favorite to do.

The first 3 that we made were simple.

The star tip we did an “S” shape.

The round tip we did a spiral.

And the closed star tip we did 3 stacked swirls and in the last one on top we made a point.

We alternated between the blue and purple one to make a tops turvy kind of look. I have to admit that this was my favorite one.

These are my second favorite ones, they’re called the accent cupcakes. Because, well, as the name says it, they have an accent.

The all blue cupcake is a topsy turvy type as well.

The first one is like a tic tac toe type of cupcake.

The second one is a flower, I added the blue on top because I wanted to use all of my frosting,so I could was out the piping bag.

The last one is another type of flower design.

This is the final result, I will definitely be going to the next free decorating class which is going to be about bunnies 🐰


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