Kylie Lip Kits

Candy K, Posie K, Dolce K, and Koko K

One thing about me is that i LOVE make-up. Not too long ago, I started watching make-up tutorials on YouTube. From subscribing to a great amount of Youtubers, i started to know more about different products. One of them obviously was Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Lip Kit.

These liquid lipsticks are so comfortable. The formula is very creamy and it makes it easy to glide on your lips. They dry pretty fast (they don’t take a million years to dry like other brands) and they are super soft on the lips that they don’t make them feel dry at all. Side note: they are kissable. The colors are beautiful. I love the lip pencil too, it’s very buttery and they glide on your lips very easily. I believe the price point is good for these, because you’re getting good quality products!

Some of them look different on different skin tones. So keep that in mind.


Here I’m wearing Koko K.



And here I’m wearing Candy K.

(I’ll add the rest soon)


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